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July 2014: University of Tuebingen, prize for collegiate papers in the Studium Professionale (lecturer of the class)


Diane Scherzler: “Selecting what is important for the reader”: About appropriations and transformations of archaeology in the mass media. In: Elisabeth Niklasson and Thomas Meier (eds.): Appropriate narratives. Archaeologists, publics and stories. Archaeolingua Series Minor 33, Budapest 2013, 133-143. ISBN: 978-963-9911-47-5.

Diane Scherzler: On humility, power shift and cultural change: Archaeology on Web 2.0 sites. In: Nina Schücker (ed.): Integrating Archaeology Science - Wish - Reality. International Conference on the Social Role, Possibilities and Perspectives of Classical Studies. Papers held in Frankfurt a. M. on 12-14 June 2012. Roman-Germanic Commission of the German Archaeological Institute, 2012, 237-240. ISBN 978-3-00-039661-8.

Diane Scherzler: A look in the mirror and the perspective of others. On the portrayal of archaeology in the mass media. In: Anna Simandiraki-Grimshaw, Eleni Stefanou (eds.): From Archaeology to Archaeologies - The "Other" Past. British Archaeological Reports International Series (BAR-IS) 2409; 2012, 77-85. ISBN 9781407310077.

Archaeological Heritage in Syria
The destruction of heritage in Syria is reported in the international media. Sources were and are increasingly social media: Tweets, photos or videos make eyewitness reports available worldwide. Diane Scherzler produced several stories with the tool "Storify" that combines linear storytelling with implementing social media:
- Under Threat: Archaeological Heritage in Syria (news of August 2012)
- Falling Prey to War: Archaeological Heritage in Syria, part 2 (news of September and October 2012)
- Archaeology in times of war: Cultural Heritage in Syria, part 3 (news of October and November 2012)
- Disappearing Piece by Piece: Archaeological Heritage in Syria, part 4 (news of November 2012 until January 2013)

Radical islamists severely damaged the UNESCO World Heritage Site Timbuktu in 2012 until the city could be regained on January 28th 2013. Sources were and are increasingly social media: Tweets, photos or videos make eyewitness reports available worldwide:
- "Not a single mausoleum will remain in Timbuktu": The Destruction of Mali's Cultural Cultural Heritage (A Storify from December 2012)
- "These Manuscripts Are Our Identity": The Salvation of Timbuktu's Written Heritage (A Storify from February 2013)